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The building block of all On-Ice Movement.  The Perfect Skating Program is a series of isometric platforms designed to enhance kinetic on-ice feel while discovering asymmetries in movement performance. Designed to focus on joint mobility, joint stability and whole body alignment, the Perfect Skating Program is built for athletes who are looking to restore Movement Efficiency while adding the performance gains of increased speed and agility.


Power Edge Pro utilizes Reactive Countering Training (R.C.T.) to engage multiple motor skills simultaneously and develop a player’s small area game performance. All patterns are completed while maintaining puck control and are designed to provide 5x as many repetitions as standard drill based practices, leading to faster development of elite skills.

All around player development requires both skills and knowledge.  

Coach Dan uses a technique-driven approach to teaching the art of puck control, passing, shooting and scoring. This technique enables players to better maintain total possession of the puck and the ability to release it with optimal power and accuracy. 

DNA Hockey Development is a proud affiliate of NHL Shooting coach, Tim Turk Hockey.

In addition to Neurofeedback therapy, John utilizes Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Breathwork with his Clinical and Peak Performance clients to optimize their health and well-being. John has also worked as a Mental Performance Consultant, Sports Psychologist and Executive Coach for the past 15 years. Learn more at Champion Mindset.

Lalitha Taylor is an award-winning registered dietitian based in Edmonton, Alberta and a former Dietitians of Canada National Spokesperson. She has a diverse dietetic background with dynamic communication skills that allow her to engage Canadians through both in-person interactions and various media outlets. Her vision is to strengthen her community's health by making nutrition and healthy eating fun, understandable and simple. 

Kurtis Mucha Goalie Consulting

Quality over Quantity, Kurtis prefers to work with less goalies so that each athlete receives more one-on-one instruction. Building Relationships is Kurtis’ passion, He loves working with motivated athletes. One of his biggest rewards is the relationships he gets to build with the goalies and their families as everyone works to achieve their maximum potential.

Kurtis assumed the role as Director of Goalie Development at the Vimy Ridge Academy in Edmonton as well as the Goalie Development Coach of the Edmonton Oil Kings in the WHL. Kurtis has worked with the Spruce Grove Saints in the past and is currently with the Sherwood Park Crusaders of the AJHL. His coaching extends to many minor hockey associations in and around the Edmonton area.

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